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    Donna Love
    LoveDonna J 发表于 2018年01月17日 星期三 18:59

    Purchase your textbooks BEFORE your classes start!

    Find required textbooks for your courses through the Campus Store link to MBS Direct.

    Click on "Order Your Textbooks" to search for the required and recommended books for your classes.  New, used, electronic, and rental books are available for purchase; you may leave the site without purchasing but MBS offers price matching so you can't go wrong! 

    Donna Love
    Online Semester Dates
    LoveDonna J 发表于 2017年12月7日 星期四 12:38

    Register for classes through your Student Portal

    2019 Traditional & Accelerated Online Course Dates
    SPRING 2019 SUMMER 2019 FALL 2019

    Session A:

    1/5 - 3/1

    Session B:

    3/2 - 4/26

     Session A: 

    4/27 - 6/21

     Session B: 

    6/22 - 8/16

     Session A: 

    8/24 - 10/18

     Session B: 

    10/19 - 12/13


    Remember to use the RC Campus Store link to MBS Direct to find and/or purchase your required textbooks before your class starts. 

    Donna Love
    Finding Moodle Courses
    LoveDonna J 发表于 2018年01月7日 星期日 15:29

    Course enrollment for first-time Moodle users occurs every 10 minutes.   After logging into Moodle, complete the WEB 1000 MOODLE Orientation: See the blue font on the right side of your Moodle home page and follow the prompts to enroll yourself.

    You can find your Moodle courses in your Dashboard ...