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    Donna Love
    Moodle Browser Recommendation
    2018年 09月 12日(水曜日) 13:34 - Love Donna J の投稿

    Please always use a recommended browser for Moodle.  Browsers are free to download; here are links to their official sites:

    Google Chrome

    Mozilla Firefox

    Apple Safari - For Mac  users

    Please do not use Internet Explorer/MS Edge as there are many areas that will not function or display properly.

    If you are using a recommended browser but still have difficulty with a Moodle course function, please update your browser and retry the function. If it still does not work correctly, contact the Help Desk at

    Donna Love
    Online Semester Dates
    2018年 09月 5日(水曜日) 09:47 - Love Donna J の投稿

    Register for classes through your Student Portal

    2018-19 Traditional & Accelerated Online Course Dates
    FALL 2018
    SPRING 2019 SUMMER 2019

     Session A: 

    8/25 - 10/19

     Session B: 

    10/20 - 12/14

    Session A:

    1/5 - 3/1

    Session B:

    3/2 - 4/26

     Session A: 

    4/27 - 6/21

     Session B: 

    6/22 - 8/16


    Remember to use the RC Campus Store link to MBS Direct to find and/or purchase your required textbooks before your class starts. 

    Donna Love
    MOODLE Mobile App
    2018年 08月 14日(火曜日) 15:24 - Love Donna J の投稿

    The MOODLE Mobil app is now available on this site.  Download Moodle Pty Ltd from the App Store or Google Play.  Enter in the site address/URL field.