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Donna Love
Connection Issue Friday 4-13-18
by Donna J Love - Friday, April 13, 2018, 3:12 PM

The campus experienced connection trouble with Moodle today for approximately  20 minutes from 2:20-2: 40 pm, today.  We believe the issue is resolved.  If you experience additional trouble, please contact the RC help desk at

Thank you, 

RC Online

Donna Love
No Mobile App!
by Donna J Love - Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 4:48 PM

If you currently have the Moodle Mobile App on your mobile device, it will not function at this time!  Due to an incompatibility issue between the app and our current Moodle version, it has been disconnected from our site.  We hope to reconnect in May.

Until then, you can still use your mobile device to access Moodle through your Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers.

Donna Love
Online Semester Dates
by Donna J Love - Wednesday, February 21, 2018, 1:41 PM

Register for classes through your Student Portal


 Session A: 

1/6 - 3/2

 Session B: 

3/3 - 4/27

 Session A: 

4/28 - 6/22

 Session B: 

6/23 - 8/17

Session A:

8/25 - 10/19

Session B:

10/20 - 12/14


Remember to use the RC Campus Store link to MBS Direct to find and/or purchase your required textbooks before your class starts.